10 Positive Lifestyle Changes Emerging due to COVID-19

I once read a powerful statement in a book and it still stays with me like a good old friend. It is “When life gives you a TORNADO, learn to SWIRL”. I often take refuge in the hidden wisdom behind these lines.

You know what! most of the time it is not the situations in themselves that give us real trouble but our response towards the situations.

You can’t always have good control over the situations occurring in life, in fact, nobody can! But, you can always choose to respond to a given situation as you wish. You just need to learn the skill of looking at the brighter side of the situation.

You might have noticed, ever since the world is dealing with the COVID-19 crises, the normal conversations of people have turned negative and full of hopelessness. It is as if the world is going to collapse by the end of 2020.

I am not at all underestimating the negative impacts that novel coronavirus has left permanently in our lives. But we have to move on. We can’t just sit here and keep crying over the spilled milk.

Life is tough, so what! It has got beauty and magnificence too. Why don’t we look in that direction as well?

In fact, if you learn the skill to live in peace with the discomforts in life, you end up living quite comfortably.

In this interesting article, I will be bringing your attention to the 10 positive lifestyle changes emerging due to COVID-19. And also how these lifestyle changes may strengthen us in getting better prepared for the future challenges awaiting us.

10 Positive Lifestyle Changes

“Two men look out through the same bars, one sees the mud and one the stars”, so nicely stated by Frederick Langbridge. Ultimately, the quality of your life depends essentially on how you perceive it.

So here are 10 positive lifestyle changes that you must be cheering for! instead of cursing your fate over the COVID-19 crises you find yourselves in:

(1) Increase in personal hygiene

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One of the most important positives that appear from the ongoing COVID-19 crises is the increase in the level of awareness for maintaining personal hygiene. People have indeed started caring about social as well as personal hygiene.

In an overpopulated country like India, to bring such an important positive change especially in a large population is quite an achievement.

(2) Skill enhancement

With strictly imposed lockdown, many people have managed to learn some specific skills. Such acquired skills will eventually help them in having a slight edge over their competitors.

While most of the people were busy watching nonsense stuff in media channels, the few creative people were using pandemic crises to their advantage by acquiring some unique, new, or important skills to uplift themselves. 

(3) Abstaining from a large gathering

I don’t know for how long the people will maintain such an attitude of deliberately avoiding crowded places. But, for now, everybody is kind of scared to be a part of the large gathering.

I presume that this avoidance of crowded places by people will continue for the coming years as well.

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Photo: Ketut from Pexels

(4) Evolving trend of work from home

Having constant fear of catching coronavirus from someone in a packed space, people are opting for remote work if possible.

Many companies and business houses are also thinking of permanently shifting to remote/work from home choice for the future.

It not only saves them a large amount of money which they might spend on renting and maintenance of a building but also secures them from catching COVID-19 infection.

(5) Awareness towards ‘Health Care System’

Besides all the negativity floating around regarding pandemic crises, the world has also seen its positive side in terms of growing awareness among people towards maintaining good health.

The SMS has been the talk of the town during the past 5 months. I am not talking about Short Message Service but ‘Social-distancing, Mask, and Sanitization’. You will often hear people talking about typical health-oriented terms in their daily conversation.

Photo: Julia from Pexels

(6) An emergence of ‘Online Education’

With nearly the whole world in a lockdown mode, the traditional way of classroom education has immensely suffered. Whether someone likes it or not but the traditional education system has to shift to ONLINE mode.

Institutions that were already into this mode of education prior to the COVID-19 crises have seen unprecedented growth.

I think once the issue of network connection is resolved permanently and high-speed internet is made available to most of the population. This mode of education will overcome the traditional education system. 

(7) The focus on alternative careers

Once the pandemic gets over, one more paradigm shift is likely to happen. It is an alternative career choice in front of our youth.

Having experienced the COVID-19 implications in first hand, the youth will definitely look for a unique career, completely unaffected by similar crises in the future.

For instance, the online mode of work will be more likely in demand compared to working in an office.

(8) Capability to handle similar crises in the future

I once asked a friend of mine from Kashmir valley, as to how they manage for weeks and months when they are forced to stay indoor in a severe lockdown? To which he replied that for the people this has become new normal because of the frequent lockdowns occurring in Kashmir.

Going by the same logic, I have no doubt that the last 3-4 months of severe lockdown in the country will increase the endurance of people to deal with similar kinds of crises in the future.

(9) Quality time spent on hobbies and family

Many people are often seen complaining about not getting enough time for their hobbies and passions due to the overburden of their jobs. Such people somehow managed to make the best use of this gifted time.

Photo: Ksenia from Pexels

This period has also been a boon for the people who desperately miss their family and always like to spend more quality time with them.

In addition to this, you might have observed people resorting to bicycle riding on a large scale. This emerging trend of bicycle-riding is beneficial for everyone, be it consumer, producer, or economy of a nation.

(10) A much-needed lesson for the World!

One of the biggest positives associated with this pandemic is: it taught us the lesson on the vulnerability of the human mind.

This pandemic has exposed the nations who boasted about their technological prowess.

No matter how well equipped some nations could be in medical and scientific fields, but SARS-CoV-2 has taught them a tough lesson.


We don’t need some high-tech aliens from space (as portrayed in science-fictions) to expose how weak we are in the context of this universe. A tiny virus born in 2019 and of the size nano-meters is sufficient to shatter our egos in seconds.

It’s better if we rely on the truth and scientific knowledge to handle the COVID-19 situation rather than believing in the myths and conspiracy theories deliberately circulated by our corrupt media.

Despite all odds – facing extremely worst medical, economical, and humanitarian crises, there is always a little window out there, if we seriously care to look at it. From that little window, we can always derive the light of hope, courage, patience, and perseverance we need at this crucial moment.

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In case you think of some other positives emerging out of COVID-19 crises. Please do share it in the comment section below.

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