Little Things Do Matter

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things – Frank A Clark 

Do you want to do a job where you are satisfied and feel happy? Where you do not have to face a lot of stress. And, also that your job no longer becomes a source of suffering but rather a source of joy in your life. 

I am just taking a job as an example, please do not take it literally. It can be anything you work for to earn your living. 

I guess all of us want satisfaction from the work we do, don’t we? 

But then why do we feel so bored doing our job? And, we keep looking for different ways or excuses to avoid our work.

You might have observed this, that people are always looking at their calendars not to mark their plan of work but to see when the next holiday is coming.

If you have the integrity to look at yourself honestly, then ask yourself, don’t you do the same quite often and look for the next holiday in the calendar?

Whether you agree with me or not, you might like to know as to why you do that?  

You worked day-in day-out to reach the point where you are in right now and having reached here you wonder why you dislike it. Am I right?

You better like to hangout with your friends and enjoy yourself rather than paying attention to some of your pending works. Isn’t this strange?

Now I don’t want to get into so many factors responsible for such behaviour but rather I would focus on just one important aspect, which if you take seriously and act upon it, can definitely help you out of this problem forever.  

This is what I have learned while observing the people around me —

People generally pay very little attention to the fine details of their work. In many cases they pay almost no attention at all about the small details about their work. 

This may sound so simple and unattractive but believe me this is a very profound statement if you go into the depth of it.

Let us understand the significance of this statement with the help of an example from our daily life. Let’s consider the case of a careless teacher and a devoted teacher.

The careless teacher just goes to his class, delivers his lecture, gossip with his colleagues, comes back home and then repeats the same pattern throughout his teaching career. 

On the other hand, a devoted teacher has a different approach, he too goes to his class and teaches but he also makes sure that the students are learning as well. If not, where lies the fault? He keeps on working on how to inculcate good learning habits in students, how to enhance their skills. In other words he focuses on the overall growth of his students and not just fulfils his official obligations. 

This attitude of paying due importance to all the aspects of his works actually brings overall growth and development. That brings a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in him as well. 

So, if you start paying more and more attention to the very little aspects of your work or job. You will be surprised to see the magic it brings into your life. Your mood will get a real boost. You will start to enjoy your work. Your outlook will get a new shift towards the same work you did for many years and always felt avoiding it. 

On the contrary, the best way you may show disrespect to your work or profession in your daily life, is to simply IGNORE it, or to be INDIFFERENT to it. It is as if paying attention to the fine details of your work has got no or very little significance in comparison to other works. Unfortunately, this is how most of us are operating these days.  

Once these acts of not paying enough attention to the finer details of the work repeats, it gets into a bad habit. I think most of us will confess that we are also the victim of this habit.

Now being a victim of this bad-habit, people just tend to get the immediate benefits out of their work. For such people, the focus is never on the quality of their work but rather on the quantity of the benefits they might derive in terms of money, position, name and fame.

Therefore, just by ignoring the little aspects of your work, you might fail to get the ultimate and everlasting satisfaction out of your work. You may also deprive yourself of obtaining the indirect benefits out of the hard work and devotion of the number of people who contributed a lot in that particular field of work.

So, I would emphasise once again by stating that the best way to pay due respect to one’s field of work is by start paying attention to the little details of one’s field with a spirit of willingness and devotion.

Thanks for being with me and reading this article. Please share it if you find it worth reading.

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  1. Well said sir; I completely agree and yes whenever we are fully involved in our work and do it willingly not forcefully we definitely enjoy it with a sense of satisfaction irrespective of what work we are doing.

  2. Very beautifully summed up brother it gives a very different outlook to the subject everyone face in there life.


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